What Is Your Business Challenge?

"The defining challenge of our times: how to instill the dynamic capabilities of living systems into our static machine-age organizations, to reap the benefits of agility, continuous learning, responsiveness, and the many other capacities our world now demands of our companies." - Brian Robertson

We work at the intersection where problems and challenges meet business opportunities.

Three common challenges organizations face are:

  • Missing Opportunities: competitors are forging ahead
  • Needing Improvement: things aren't working quite right
  • In Trouble: the business is declining and revenues are off
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Use this Online Diagnostic to explore your organization's DNA and its relationship to the business challenges you are facing.

DNA Diagram

What Do We Mean by an Organization's DNA?

An organization's operations are driven by its strategy, and that strategy is fulfilled or failed by the interplay among seven component parts which operate as an interdependent system. These components make up its DNA. They can be intentionally designed to reinforce each other and strengthen the whole, but when neglected, they often create problems and weaken the entire enterprise. In today's dynamic world, organizations with aligned DNA components are more resilient and more successful.

In business, addressing challenges and/or pursuing opportunities is a matter of continuously adjusting all seven of the components, which allows the system to rebalance and sustain itself. To know which ones to change at which point requires exploring and assessing their current effectiveness. Use the Online Diagnostic to explore your organization’s DNA and its relationship to your business challenges.

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The New Guidebook for Building Agility into your Business' DNA

This handbook demonstrates how today's successful organizations:

  • Constantly scan their environment to ensure needed changes are anchored in their strategy
  • Involve employees for their wisdom & commitment in shaping the organization
  • Use agile approaches to iteratively design, develop, and change the organization’s component DNA
  • Tailor their change efforts to bridge from the current culture to produce the aspired culture
  • Connect the organization’s components into an effective Integrated living system
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Partial Snake Diagram

Changing the DNA Requires a Disciplined Approach

In Syngineering, we show you how to apply the Gestalt cycle of experience to build agility into any organization. In Sense, you look for misalignments between your strategy, your internal culture, your external business environment and your organization's performance. In Mobilize, if there is a misalignment, you initiate your change efforts and begin to explore further what is needed. In Frame, you agree on the desired operating model. In Customize, you work out the details of your operating model at a work group level and deploy it. In Sustain, you embed the changes, recognize successes, and return to Sense.

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