What's Your Business Challenge?

We work at the intersection where problems and challenges meet business opportunities. Challenges range in degree from organizations in trouble, to those needing improvement, all the way to ones missing opportunities. What’s your challenge?

Missing Opportunities

Product is moving and revenues are stable but your competitors are constantly coming up with shiny new ventures. Your business feels a bit stale. You’ve tried everything. In scaling up existing businesses, you lost the “magic sauce”. Completely new ventures foundered because they lacked the requisite skills, imagination, business sense, or all three. How can you stay successful while growing and diversifying your business?

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Needs Improvement

Things aren’t working quite right, but not sure exactly how or why. Metrics and signals are mixed. There are many symptoms but no clear root causes. Is it strategy or execution? Is your operating model not the right one? Are functional silos competing or hindering effective coordination? Are good people leaving and those left behind not working effectively? What can you change that would reinvent and reignite your business?

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In Trouble

Your business is declining, your revenues are off, you’re going under. You need immediate and sustained help to even stay in business. While the situation is obvious, the solutions are not. Have wrong decisions got you off track? Can you find your way back? Or have things around you suddenly shifted, leaving you stranded? Or is your organization just no longer competitive and need its operating model reassessed and revised?

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