Assess the State of Your Organization

This 24 statement diagnostic is designed to give you an indication of how well your organization is doing in terms of aligning its purpose, priorities, processes, people, patterns, power, policies, and culture according to our Syngineering approach. We call these the DNA of the Organization. 

In our own experience, we have found it helpful to assess the current state of an organization using a diagnostic, interviews and other information to begin to understand where there may be gaps or opportunities for improvement. This is not a rigorous scientific assessment. 

You can choose to complete the diagnostic individually or as a group. We will show you our initial thoughts based on your responses. These will be shown on screen and saved to a random unique identifier in the URL so you can return and review or share later.

We will not ask you for your email address or any other personal information that can identify you or your organization specifically, so please be as open and honest as possible to get the most from the diagnostic findings.

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